High school exchange: the transformation of an ever growing programme

“Exchange programmes have created extensive networks to support not only in-country exchange students but also host families”

With thousands of high school exchange students travelling abroad in 2018, it’s no surprise that such study abroad programmes are growing in popularity within the area of international study. Ivan Santos asks how did we get here, and what’s next for a programme in constant evolution?

The programme

High school exchange year programmes offer international students, aged 14-18, the unique opportunity to study a full academic year or semester abroad at a local high school. While English speaking countries rank at the very top of the list, wherever in the world that a student decides to go they experience a new culture, live as a member of a host family and improve their language skills.

Students—and their parents—see the programme as an opportunity to study abroad early on during their school life, benefiting from both language and cultural immersion at an earlier age. The programme has dramatically evolved in recent years, from a basic student enrollment and support process to the sophisticated operation it is today.

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