Why Purpose Built Student Accommodation is important

“Price can naturally be a big factor for students deciding where to live but this doesn’t mean students will go for the cheapest option available”

The student accommodation sector is continuing to grow at an unparalleled rate and it stands to benefit almost everyone, but why is this? I  have put together this article explaining why purpose-built student accommodation is so important.

It was only a decade or so ago that the sector was nearly non-existant and students were faced with two options: university-run halls of residence or converted Homes for Multiple Occupation (HMOs), neither of which were overly appealing. I can only remember to well the state of my halls, which were akin to a prison cell and my dingy run-down student housing in an area to the south of Manchester.

Fast forward to today and the sector has been completely revolutionised by the introduction of Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA). Students no longer have to pay extortionate amounts to secure an outdated room in halls or a small room in a shared house with only one bathroom between eight occupants. Instead, they can choose from a range of boutique options that vary depending on personal taste and budgets.

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