Ideas To Make Your Students Love To Learn English

“If a student genuinely wants to learn English, then the motivation to learn English should come from within a student”

A teacher plays an essential role in motivating the student to make them love English. But it is not as simple as you think – motivation should come from inside. Many non-native students have an urge to learn English since the language is necessary for them to reach their ultimate goal. But there are different strategies to help your students learn English.

  1. Create creative lessons with the conceptional understanding

Conceptual understanding makes learning easy and deep. A student who went through the process can apply it across various domains, especially the things which they have learned in class.

The process helps a student to learn more than what’s there in their syllabus- all the facts and methods. Create lessons which are flexible, creative and assess conceptual understanding. If you try to raise your student’s block on English, then teaching English would be easy.

  • Provide time for peer collaboration

Peer collaboration plays a vital role in teaching and learning English. Most of the teachers think that Peer discussion is of not much value. But actually, it’s not the truth. Peer discussion should be encouraged by the teacher since it has a higher power on making a student learn English.

  • Praise students for creative writings and incorrect answers

Interactive writing is always engaging. It is a method by which both the teacher and the student engages in writing together. They decide what they are going to write together. Through this technique, a student can refer to the writing style of the teacher. Therefore the student would get an idea on how to write. After writing, both of them would read together what they have written. This activity also helps in creating a bond with the student. 

  • Provide time for learning and communicating

Best way to encourage motivation is to improve communication. Learners will be happy when they can convey their thoughts through words. English learners are always eager to communicate in English because they want to enhance their English.

Engage your students in group activities in the language which is comfortable for them. Lessen your talk and give more time for students to talk among themselves, which increases communication when other methods fail. 

  • Play English games

Games are engaging for students who are tired of learning. No matter your student is an adult or child, they will leave the class expecting to play games in the next class. You can play English games either at the start of a class or during a class or at the end of the class. Making a student engage in these games will give you an idea of the vocabulary, pronunciation and tense issues of your student.

Provide feedback for every class

Students expect feedback from their tutors after their tutoring session. Therefore a teacher has to provide feedback to their students. The right feedback to your students will lead to the right relationship. Never spend a lot of time correcting the errors of your student, since a student may feel that you are a fault-finder.

They’ll become more distant with you. Remember to give feedback which is a mixture of both positive and negative feedback. 

If a student genuinely wants to learn English, then the motivation to learn English should come from within a student. A student’s attitude toward speaking English will improve only if you engage in lessons compellingly. Always encourage communication in class. Promote creative writing.

A teacher should encourage a good student-teacher friendship. Always end with feedback. These steps would make your students learn English.

About the author: Eva Jacob is the Head of Education Dept at Tutors Valley, a tutoring company based in UK, providing classes from elementary to degree level with numerous other courses.