Communicate with confidence when studying abroad

“New technology is making overseas learning experiences even easier”

Based on a recent survey conducted by Palaver, frustration (50%) and embarrassment (49%) are the top two emotions experienced when trying to speak local languages abroad.

As a result, we often rely on others to speak English instead. However, this restricts our conversations and ability to connect with others – particularly when studying abroad – as we depend on building new relationships to prevent loneliness.

When it comes to learning, independent studying can be challenging (even without language differences). To get the most out of education, students need to read textbooks, take notes from lectures, participate in workshops and interact in seminars. Learning in another language presents a whole host of new challenges – and it’s important to fully understand the meaning behind all they’re learning to get the most out of their studies.

Changing technology

Whether it’s about studying, building relationships, experiencing different cultures or even communicating in an emergency, new technology is making overseas learning experiences even easier.

  1. Studying

If we can’t communicate properly, we can’t make the most out of our experiences – limiting what we can learn. Even in the process of learning a local language, it can still be difficult when you’re unable to speak fluently.

Palaver’s new technology enables instant translation of textbooks and notes at the click of a button – simply take a photo and translate them into your primary language. This allows students to focus on what they’re learning, rather than trying to understand it first. They can then engage in real time as if they’re learning in their mother tongue.

When it comes to presentations and group projects, this new technology also allows students to live translate their conversations, enabling participation as a team.

There’s also no need to buy or carry translation books and dictionaries around – the free app can hold all notes in one place, removing the need of copying and pasting between different apps.

  1. Building connections

Building supportive and long-lasting relationships is key to feeling connected with our surroundings – especially when meeting other international students who speak different languages. They may even be looking for a part-time job during your studies.

Palaver’s language translation tool instantly translates messages before the receiver reads them. The same goes for phone calls – they’ll speak in their mother tongue, and the receiver will listen in theirs, in real-time. There’s no need to rely on online language convertor tools or third-party translators – Palaver enables confident and independent communication.

  1. Experiencing different cultures

We don’t just study abroad for our education – the experience of immersing into a completely different culture is just as important. Many like to study abroad for freedom and independence, but socialising, shopping and eating out are all part of the overall experience.

Students will come across guides, road signs and important instructions – even restaurant menus – all in the local language. New technology can boost your confidence when exploring different cities.

  1. Communicating in an emergency

Unfortunately, accidents and emergencies can happen. Even in their home countries, it’s easy to panic – but when students are abroad, the thought can be even more daunting.

Palaver ensures students are prepared for any situation, allowing them to communicate clearly and efficiently.

Removing language barriers, for the benefit of all

Palaver’s free language translation tool allows seamlessly translation, whenever and wherever you are in the world. Whether sending a text message, making a phone call or reading an image, Palaver can help to replicate a natural conversation.

Palaver phone calls and text messages are encrypted, meaning private information and sensitive data are fully protected, so students can speak freely and with confidence.

The Palaver app is free to download from the App Storeand Google Play.

About the author: Martin Curtis is the director of Palaver, the real-time language translation app helping people to instantly, accurately and easily communicate in 30 languages across many media.